The Salone del Mobile (Furniture Exhibition), from April 9 to 14, 2013, saw a definitive consecration of aluminum as an ideal material for the design and manufacturing of products that are closer to pleasing many different personal tastes. Thanks to aluminum machining and colorization, one can obtain a variety of chromatics and surfaces. Because of this, aluminum is increasingly being regarded as a design material by the most renowned architects in the world.

Many major brands of furniture and home accessories, which exhibit at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, use components made from the Lualma Anodica aluminum machining lines.



Aluminum machining are seen a great deal in Kitchens. Aluminum colorization and machining multiply the combinations between profiles, handles, lacquering, wooden doors, polishing, satin finishes, etc. … there is no limit to experimentation. Some samples made by our processing lines for this year’s Furniture Exhibition include: aluminum profiles with an olive green finish and a scotch-brite brushing and aluminum profiles with an anodized brilliant silver finish (steel effect) and a scotch-brite brushing. Another effect highly in demand by kitchen designers, is the aluminum profile with a brilliant silver finish achieved with a shiny SISAL polishing.



Aluminum is a material that is flexible and versatile, and its elegance makes it ideal even for home furnishings. In fact, the lighting industry offers original forging and machining solutions. Brushed black profiles for extensible ducts and spotlights make a great contrast against the walls of a building, for this, they are used in exhibition spaces and homes of great prestige.

In conclusion, the limit of aluminum coloring and machining is in the imagination of designers and interior designers who can achieve great results just by changing a color, a finish or machined surface.