Finishes for aluminum surfaces in the furniture sector presented at SICAM 2018.

Aluminum has been used for several years in the furniture or furnishing accessories sector. Its use is divided between: particular details or support structures.

In the case of the details of a piece of furniture we think first of all to the handles, knobs, feet or plinth of a kitchen, more and more often we find longitudinal inserts in drawers, panels or profiles for frames or edges of walls.

For what concerns the support structures, many furniture factories use grooved profiles and aluminum uprights for its resistance to bending together with the overall lightness of the piece of furniture. The weight / strength ratio certainly plays in favor of aluminum together with the ease of processing.

Why is the use of aluminum in the furniture sector growing?

The answer to this question is to be found in the evolution of aluminum surface treatments that allowed architects and designers to create elegant and functional compositions with this exceptional material.

Aluminum combined with wood, ceramic, glass, and many other materials has become more and more normal. Today, aluminum is one of the most considered materials in the sector thanks to the variety of finishes and colors that allow elegant and innovative combinations with any material, this means that it can be used in every room of the home and office.

In this article you can see some examples of how one of our customers uses anodized aluminum in various colors and with different surface treatments, in his furniture. Anodized aluminum becomes a structure, handle, shelf, upright or panel. Few photos give the idea of ​​the versatility of a material when the intelligence and creativity of the designer are combined with our technical department. A combination that can create and create trendy elements and structures.