For several months, Lualma Anodica has embarked on a journey to improve its image and perception of quality service. A fundamental element is the presence on the Internet and so we decided to create a new Website to show better the multiple processes that the company provides. This project completes the package started 2 years ago with the creation of the logo.

In the new Website, created by Metamorfosi, you will have a clearer idea of all the types of aluminum pre-treatments and finishes Lualma Anodica implements every day, and that has performed for more than 20 years. A more innovative and modern way to spread our work around the world.

Within the Website, we describe the different phases of the different aluminum treatments available, from the preparations to the finishes. It is important to perceive the differences between the preparations, surface treatments, scotch-brite brushing, etc… and the different effects they provoke on the metal surfaces. In this sense, the Website and the samples provide a clear idea regarding the company’s performance.