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Anodized aluminum

The anodized aluminum has high quality in all areas of automotive, furniture and electronic components, perhaps not everyone knows that the anodized aluminum confers a resistance to weather and other corrosive agents and wearing that places it among the first materials in the construction of profiles and structures that must be placed outside of buildings or in danger points for other materials or metals more cheaply. Due to its insulating properties and strength anodized aluminum is often used as the frame to seal the photovoltaic modules, which have to endure during their lifetime adverse weather conditions of various kinds. The use of anodized aluminum also allows easy transport, installation and maximum safety over time.

The quality and properties of the anodized aluminum are very dependent on the process conditions, the current density, the temperature of the bath, the duration of treatment, the shape and thickness of the piece of aluminum etc. … The anodic oxide layer is composed in two parts, the porous outer, growing on a deep layer, much thinner, dense and compact, called barrier. At the beginning of the treatment has a slight increase in the size of the material which is then canceled by the action of the solvent with the progress of oxidation. It follows that the experience in the treatment of anodized aluminum greatly affects the result you get.

alluminio anodizzato