Lualma Anodica constantly invests in the technological advancements of its machinery, in the environment and in the expansion of processing cycles to keep up, in a timely manner, with the ever-changing market demands.

The company extends over a covered surface of 2,000 square meters and an uncovered surface of 2,000 square meters. It has two production lines for colorizations: the first consists of 23 tanks and another 5 tanks for the chemical polishing system; the other consists of 11 tanks used for special colorizations.

Our warehouse measures 400 square meters. We offer an internal truck transport service for quick, next day delivery for small volumes and a collaborated effort with national couriers for larger volumes.
Our offices of 150 square meters fulfill all operations of loading and unloading supplies and managing work flow. We currently have a project underway to expand the area to 2 floors, doubling the useful area in the near future.