Our aluminium chemical polishing process line is equipped with a system that is 4,800mm in length and 1,200mm in height. (Usable dimensions). This process can be achieved with any brushed finish and with all colorizations.
Chemical polishing increases the specular reflectivity of the aluminum.

It works with suction. The chemical polishing bath acts on pure aluminum and its alloys.

We recommend a Sisal polishing of the workpieces prior to treatment in order to obtain a product as shiny as possible. In conclusion, it is immersed in a chemical brightener that levels the surface, rendering it specular.

Aluminium chemical polishing is widely used in the lighting industry, where the parts geared to reflect light gain in terms of light output and saving energy consumption; in the automotive industry, it is used instead of steel (which is more expensive and less workable); and for home and bath accessories, instead of chrome plating (which is more expensive and less workable).

aluminium chemical polishing