Aluminum anodizing is the phase in which aluminum is coated, passing from a metallic state to a real surface.
The difference between the two lies in the fact that the electrolytic transformation that occurs at the level of the first micron of the aluminum surface, physically alters the molecular structure making the outer surface of the metal weather-resistant, more robust and ready for the consumer. Afterwards, other surface finishes may be applied, such as aluminum polishers, which render the surfaces even more beautiful and precious.


The process that underlies this transformation is an electrolysis process. It is performed in special tanks traversed by an electric power, which may also contain the coloring for the metal surface. Although there is talk of microns, this type of colorization is fixed in depth at the molecular level, and is therefore preferable to any other coating or finishing process suitable for other metals.
The control of this transformation process determines the quality of the final product.
We are the perfect partner for the execution of these processes; we play a fundamental role in the production chain for design pieces oriented towards public appreciation.

Aluminum anodizing