Aluminum chemical satinizing, through the chemical satinizing process of metals, is a treatment that gives a product a homogeneous matt or semi-gloss appearance, while removing residual surface contaminants. It hides surface defects such as scratches or traces of extrusion lines and helps obtain a uniform finish.

This treatment is also performed on aluminum that has undergone a short mechanical polishing, so as to give the surface greater uniformity.

The material is immersed in a tank containing a caustic soda solution at a high temperature. The aluminum satinizing process must be supervised by an experienced operator in order to avoid ruining the material submitted by the customer, and avoid performing a process that is too bland, resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome.
The continuous search for an aluminum satin finish with ever-improving results and consistently reproducible over time, ensures that the customer obtains consistent and professional workpieces.

Aluminum satin finished surfaces are widely used for everyday products, they have a clean appearance, are soft to the touch, free of imperfections and pleasing to the eye. A great advantage of satin finished aluminum is the lack of fingerprint residues which remain visible on the surfaces of objects.

chemical satinizing