The term “aluminium surface treatments” means all the processes that are performed to the surface of the aluminum workpiece to achieve different finishes. Each type of treatment produces surfaces that are different to the touch and in the reflection of light, making objects appear glossy, matte, satin, or with a “hammered” or shot peened surface.

Other surface treatments are used to soften the edges of the objects and the sheets.

The aluminium surface treatments makes the metal soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, it is at this stage that we rely on the treatment quality of the aluminum surface. There are many factors that determine an optimal result of a treatment, the speed of execution, the quality of the belts and machines, the expertise of the operator and the time/pressure ratio.

Unlike other companies, Lualma Anodica holds this stage of preparation in high regard, and the results tell us that customers appreciate a better finished product.

The combination between pre-processing and colorization leads to surprising results. We have quite a wide range of product samples, but the imagination of designers has taught us not to always stop at the usual products, but to continue experiencing new things.

aluminium surface treatments