Aluminum polishing

Aluminum vibro polishing of profiles and small size components are performed in two different ways. The polishing of aluminum profiles is performed using a special disc polishing machine which gradually decreases the pressure and consistency of the abrasives. The polishing of small size aluminum components is conducted with polishing machines and abrasive materials softened by special foams and soaps.

Aluminum vibro polishing preparations are conducted with fully automatic and semi-automatic machines equipped with porcelain ceramic cones for polishing detail work and small size components that require a subsequent chemical polishing. Before the treatment, the surface is made smooth by the ceramic cones.

This process requires a high precision operator with expertise, especially when working with detail pieces and small size components, a process that lasts too long or performed with inappropriate materials may compromise the quality of the product.
Lualma Anodica is always very attentive in all the aluminum processing stages, without neglecting smaller items. One accomplishes a state of excellence through detail.

aluminum vibro polishing