A mechanical processing of the sand blasting industry. It is performed on profiles and small size components with an automatic shot peening machine.


The surface is shot peened before the coloring treatment for a velvety-to-the-touch effect and a pleasing aesthetic impact. The different types of materials used inside the machine characterize a technical and aesthetic impact that is more or less pronounced.
With a shot peening machine, the aluminum surface is finely shot peened before anodization or chemical polishing.
Profiles with a length of 6,500mm can also be shot peened.

The process of shot peening is the best process to get physically and chemically clean surfaces.
Shot peening causes an increase in the mechanical characteristics of the product, particularly its hardness. As a result of the hardening phenomenon, after the bombardment, the layers of tension are reduced. In fact, the process places the molecules in a state of relaxation, improving its fatigue resistance.

Shot peening