The aluminium polishing is performed on aluminum profiles with automatic sisal and cotton polishing machines.

Manual polishing is preferred for smaller items.

And of course, all aluminum polished surfaces can be colored. These overlapping effects increase even further the possibilities of use. Gold and natural are the most popular colors used after aluminum polishing, but there still remain many unexplored possibilities and combinations that will give great satisfaction to the designers of tomorrow.

The appearance of the surface is brushed and polished for a smooth mirror-like effect, free from defects.
Aluminum polishing is performed on small size components or aluminum profiles for those who desire a surface with a mirror-like effect. Other objects include: frames of decorative windows divided into squares, kitchen cabinet handles and some particular auto body parts. The mirror-like effect is particularly popular for electronic items, lamp designs and home accessories. In fact, the reflective surface attained by aluminum polishing donates an elegant appeal to the object when performed correctly, ensuring details of class. The reflective surface obtained by aluminum polishing is also used for lighting fixtures to illuminate the inside of the caps to enhance the power of the bulb or the light beam projected below.

aluminium polishing