Tumbling is a mechanical surface finishing used to eliminate defects in small size components. The tumbling is performed with fully automatic and semi-automatic machines with abrasive plastic cones for deburring.

The aluminum surface of the product is tapped with the abrasive cones which remove burrs and imperfections caused by machining or cutting.

This preparation is performed in a barrel known as a “sifter” that rotates on an axis to impact onto the aluminum pieces with an abrasive material shaped for that purpose. The tumbler rotation speed influences the processing time. This process requires a high precision and an operator with expertise, especially when it is applied to detail work and small size components. A process that lasts too long or that is followed through with inappropriate materials may compromise the quality of the product.

The advantages of the tumbling process are many:

  • The speed, the processing times are very short compared to traditional technologies, even though everything depends on the types of work pieces.
  • The flexibility, it operates with both small quantities and large quantities of pieces.
  • The simplicity, the machines are small and easy to use.
  • The costs, the use of these systems reduces costs by replacing other complex machining with inaccessible costs.

Our tumbling department is equipped with vibrators and abrasive plastic cones for deburring small size components.